Available For Lease/Purchase

Detroit's premier business address for global marketing and promotion.

Superior Web Address

Detroit.US is now available for lease or ownership. Connecting your company with the world is greatly enhanced through the use of a logical, descriptive .US web address. Detroit.US functions as your elite international calling card.

Global Recognition

Global presence means having an internet identity that people recognize, readily grasp, and ultimately remember. "Visit our company at Detroit.US" makes the clear, concise statement that lasting impressions are made of.

Iconic Brand

Your company's brand is the collective sum of your vision, your choices, your successes. Your company's internet address should be a similar virtuous representation of all that you are achieving. Detroit.US raises your global brand.

24/7 Marketing Cachet

Marketing is vitally important to the success of most companies. With TV, magazines & papers, your ad investment has little shelf life. With an iconic internet address, your marketing reach never stops and your message flows to the world 24/7.

Three Options



  • $2500 per month
  • 1 year contract
  • Option to renew
  • First right of refusal pending buyout offer
  • Strategic utilization of premier internet address
  • Limited cash outlay
  • Boost company brand
  • Superior marketing tool
  • arrow3LEASE TO OWN


  • $20,000 down payment
  • $2000 per month minimum until purchased
  • Planned ownership
  • Immediate utilization
  • Ability to implement long-term marketing initiatives
  • Opportunity to establish iconic company brand as Detroit.US
  • arrow3PURCHASE


  • $130,000
  • One-time buyout
  • Permanent ownership
  • Long-term company asset
  • Elite company web address and world class internet identity
  • Unlimited capacity to utilize Detroit.US for international promotion of your company and projects across all media platforms





    Clean, clear-cut, 20/20. No superfluous words or extra baggage. Detroit = Detroit.US


    There is only one Detroit. And now, the perfect internet web address which mirrors that unique quality.


    A domain name that produces immediate consumer recognition. 100% recognition means your audience is connected with your vision and objectives.


    Equate your company's online brand with Detroit.US. And watch your brand grow ... as clientele logically connect you with iconic Detroit.


    Detroit.US - elegant by design, crafted for business, instantly familiar. Categorically intuitive.


    Showcase virtually anything via Detroit.US. Any project, any product, any service. Effective. No compromises needed.


    A serious website address that makes the right statement about one's corporate achievements and future goals.


    A top level web address that projects perfectly the grandeur of Detroit and the relevance of your company's direction.